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A brief overview of how Zilino works...

Zilino is built with the understanding that a lot if not most of what makes online dialogues successful has less to do with the selection of tools and technologies that are being applied but rather with the quality of the overall process design and how it is implemented. While it certainly helps to rely on technology that is a good fit for the dialogue scenario at hand, Zilino assumes that there still needs to be someone in charge of planning and managing the process: bringing the right set of people together, asking the right questions, making sure everyone gets their chance to contribute etc. -- these are all things technology can not yet deliver on its own.

Hence, Zilino is a tool built for facilitators and other group process practitioners who have deep knowledge and experience successfully shepherding groups from point A to point B to help them achieve their desired outcomes. Organizations may already have in-house staff qualified to run advanced online dialogues or they may choose to work with their preferred outside consultants. Alternatively, they can hire Intellitics, Inc., the digital engagement startup behind Zilino, to assist, train staff or produce full-service dialogue events.

Please have a look at the outline below. We will be adding more details and screenshots over the next few days and weeks.

1. Get your account

Obviously, this is the first step. Eventually, Zilino will operate as a completely self-service hosted solution. Until then, please contact us if you'd like to get access.

2. Start a new project

Once you have access, you can start a new project. Choose a project title and description, press "save", and you're done!

3. Configure your project space

As the project administrator, you can customize and configure your project space. From uploading your branded header image, to customizing your set of ground rules, to adding any number of project-related frequently asked questions (FAQ) -- Zilino has got the basics covered.

4. Recruit participants

As the project administrator, you can invite any number of participants directly from inside the admin section. Enabling peer-to-peer invitations allows participants to support your outreach efforts.

5. Run your project

Now we're talking! Once your group has settled in, you can guide them through the dialogue process you've set up for them. Choosing from a growing number of Zilino modules (incl. large-group and small-group dialogue, polling and story sharing), the facilitator can choreograph the process that best fits the circumstances.

As we develop Zilino, our goal is for the technology to get out of the way so you can focus on what you do best: be a great host and convener!

6. Done!

That wasn't too hard, was it? Try it again some time.

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