Features & Functionality

Zilino offers one of the leading environments for online dialogue and deliberation, and our feature set is continuously expanding.

Core modules

  • Zilino Logbook – moderator announcements and group updates
  • Zilino Library – resource sharing and document upload for collaborative learning
  • Zilino Plenary – whole-group discussions, incl. structured theming
  • Zilino Roundtable – small-group dialogue and breakout sessions, incl. collaborative note taking
  • Zilino Pulse – polling and voting, incl. rank ordering and range voting
  • Zilino Storybook – storytelling and story sharing

Secure, customizable project spaces

  • Custom header image
  • Custom color palette
  • Custom URL
  • Role-based access controls
  • Custom ground rules
  • Video embedding

Keeping it social

  • User profiles
  • Profile images
  • Activity feed
  • Unidirectional social networking (following)
  • Direct messaging
  • Email notifications

Flexible recruitment options

  • Invitation by administrator
  • Open sign-up
  • Peer-to-peer invites

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